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Entrepreneurship in Fragile States

Jan Kratzer, Chaired Professor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Founder/Academic Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) at Technische Universität Berlin, joins Matthias Catón in this episode. Jan shares his expertise on challenges for entrepreneurs in low-income countries, comparing them to high-income countries.

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The EU Critical Raw Materials Act

In episode 17 of Business Diplomacy Today, Matthias Catón is joined by Ludivine Wouters, Managing Partner of Latitude Five, an investment and advisory firm operating in emerging markets. Ludivine shares her expertise in the metals and mining industry, specifically concerning the EU Critical Raw Materials Act (CRM Act).

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Corporate strategy in the age of global uncertainty and volatility

In this episode, host Matthias Catón and Wilfried Aulbur, Senior Partner of Roland Berger, explore the navigation and development of business strategies in a volatile and ever-changing world.

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Water Governance and International Security

This episode of Business Diplomacy Today explores the topic of water security. Host Matthias Catón is joined by Susanne Schmeier, Head of the Water Governance Department and Associate Professor of Water Law and Diplomacy at IHE Delft.

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Corporate Strategy and Political Risk

In this episode, Matthias Catón speaks with Famke Krumbmüller, Executive Director of the Geostrategic Business Group at EY, on building a robust corporate strategy in a volatile world. Famke introduces us to definitions and sub-categories of political and geopolitical risk and how companies can enhance their risk management protocols to be more prepared and expectant as the density and intenseness of global levels of volatility rise.

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The migration governance complex

In this episode, Matthias Catón and Crystal Ennis discuss the migration governance complex, defined as how migration governance happens in practice and the various actors involved. Their discussion focuses on labor migration and examines its definitions, the fragmentation of migration governance, changing trends and geographical destinations of labor migration, and how we (individuals, organizations, and governments) can improve the socioeconomic conditions for labor migrants.

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Lessons from the Munich Security Conference 2023

In this episode, Matthias Catón speaks with Sophie Eisentraut about the Munich Security Conference (MSC), the world’s leading forum for debating international security policy. The episode investigates the effectiveness and relevance of multilateral dialogues from a broader perspective and the trends we can see in the future of international cooperation.

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Why digital payments can help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

In this episode, Marjolaine Chaintreau, Head of Private Sector Digital Payment Innovation at the Better than Cash Alliance, and Matthias Catón discuss the evolution, importance, and impact of digital payments and, more broadly, access to financial services.

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Measuring and managing ESG performance

This episode of Business Diplomacy Today explores the importance of measuring external impacts in society and how companies can incorporate sustainability practices. Our guest expert, Matthias Mahlendorf, discusses the performance measurement for managing sustainability, performance, and digital transformation of management control.

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Corporate strategies for emerging markets

In this episode, Matthias Catón speaks with Talal Rafi, Senior Global Management Consultant at Deloitte and a Deloitte Global Economist Network member. The discussion investigates how markets, notably emerging markets, can navigate the current economic climate when developing corporate strategies. Talal highlights the importance of supply-chain diversification through different lenses, how democracy can influence investment … Read more