Sponsorship and ads

Do you want to raise awareness for your brand by reaching key decision-makers and support our work? You can sponsor individual episodes or run ads.


You will become a co-sponsor of a series of episodes (minimum five) alongside our main sponsor, the Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence. This opportunity is limited to only one brand per episode to ensure maximum exposure. The host will introduce you at the beginning of the episode and read an introduction to your company, brand, or product for up to 30 seconds, including a call to action or reference to a website. At the end of the episode, the host will thank you. We will also display your brand or company name, introductory text, and logo on the episode show page.


Ads are 30-second audio segments we insert dynamically into current and past episodes. Our host can read the ads, or you may produce the audio yourself. Pre-roll ads run before an episode, mid-roll ads within the episode, and post-roll ads after the episode. You will pay based on how many people listen to your ad.