About the podcast

Business Diplomacy Today

Sponsored and presented by the Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence, the podcast brings international relations and geopolitics to the business world.

We live in a dynamic world where business, government, and society converge. Today, every business leader must be a savvy player in the public arena. Geopolitical events, new regulations in other markets, natural disasters, changing public perceptions, etc., directly affect a company’s future, even if they happen far away.

Business Diplomacy Today addresses contemporary international relations and geopolitics, looking at the issues from a business perspective. It helps business leaders anticipate changing political and societal trends, build and leverage political networks and take a proactive stake in societal and political matters that influence their business environment.

The Host

Matthias Catón

Matthias Catón is the Director of Corporate Development at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of the Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence. A political scientist by training, he has worked at the nexus of politics and business for many years. His previous positions have included academia, an intergovernmental organization, and the World Economic Forum.

The Producer

Andreas Horchler has over three decades of experience as a radio journalist for German public broadcaster ARD, including four years as chief U.S. correspondent in Washington, DC. He now runs the communication consultancy podcon.de, specializing in corporate podcasting, video, and branding.