Corporate Strategy and Political Risk

In this episode, Matthias Catón speaks with Famke Krumbmüller, Executive Director of the Geostrategic Business Group at EY, on building a robust corporate strategy in a volatile world. Famke introduces us to definitions and sub-categories of political and geopolitical risk and how companies can enhance their risk management protocols to be more prepared and expectant as the density and intenseness of global levels of volatility rise.

With global examples, from France to China, Famke highlights the importance of businesses implementing and updating their geo-strategy; that is a holistic approach to managing political risk. Famke and Matthias apply this timely topic to various countries, including the rise of middle powers, and remind businesses of the importance of scenario planning to protect their models from anticipated events.

About the guest

Famke Krumbmüller

As an Executive Director in the Geostrategic Business Group, Famke Krumbmüller provides EY’s clients and teams with actionable political insights to help them understand how politics impacts their business and think about strategies to anticipate and manage political risk.

Before joining EY, Famke headed a Paris-based, innovative strategy consultancy in political risk, public affairs, and public policy, which she co-founded. Previously, she was based in London and was responsible for covering Western European countries at a renowned political risk firm.

As a Forbes Europe “Policy & Law” list-maker and regular contributor to the media, she is an experienced and recognized commentator of European politics and a public speaker.

Famke’s academic background is in European Affairs and Political Economy, which she studied at Maastricht University, the London School of Economics, and Sciences Po Paris.

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