The migration governance complex

In this episode, Matthias Catón and Crystal Ennis discuss the migration governance complex, defined as how migration governance happens in practice and the various actors involved. Their discussion focuses on labor migration and examines its definitions, the fragmentation of migration governance, changing trends and geographical destinations of labor migration, and how we (individuals, organizations, and governments) can improve the socioeconomic conditions for labor migrants.

Matthias and Crystal apply these theories globally and discuss practices in Germany, Canada, South Asia, and the Gulf countries. From a business perspective, and with businesses playing a significant role as employers, Crystal provides her expertise on what businesses can do to improve conditions for labor migrants and how a lack of regulatory incentives hinders this.

About the guest

Dr. Crystal A. Ennis

Dr. Crystal A. Ennis is a scholar of global political economy and a university lecturer in Political Economy of the Middle East at Leiden University, The Netherlands. She is also the International Studies Review (ISR) ‘s Associate Editor and Vice President of the Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies.

Her research examines labor and migration governance, job seeking and economic belonging, and the political economy of dependency on hydrocarbon revenue and foreign labor in Gulf economies. Her publications have appeared in New Political Economy, Global Social Policy, Third World Quarterly, International Journal of Middle East Studies, and Cambridge Review of International Affairs.

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