Guest information sheet

Once we have scheduled an interview, we need a few items from you to announce and promote your episode and for our host to prepare for the session. Please fill out the form below before your interview. For general information about the recording process, please click here.

  • Technical Information

    We strive for our episodes to have clear, high-quality audio. As a result, please use the fields below to provide us with more information on the technical equipment you will be using. We do not recommend bluetooth earphones/buds (such as AirPods) or the default laptop/desktop microphone.

  • Biographical information

    Please submit a biographical note of yourself as a continuous text (no bullet points) of 80 to 150 words. Please write in the third person, that is, do not use the personal pronoun "I", and do not include links. It is not possible to use formatting such as bold text, italics etc. This will be used to introduce you in the podcast as well as on our website and in the episode show notes.

  • Headshot photo

    We need a headshot photo, ideally in front of a neutral background. It should be a JPG or PNG, square or in portrait orientation with a minimum of 1,200 pixels on the narrower side.

  • Links and social media

    Below you can submit URLs (links) to any of your online presences that we can refer to in our outreach efforts.

  • Additional material

    If you have any material that our host should look at to prepare for our interview, such as a book that you’ve written, please make it available here, either by uploading it or by providing a link.