How Crises Shape Globalisation

In Episode 22 of Business Diplomacy Today, host Matthias Catón is joined by Prof. Harold James, Professor of History and International Affairs at Princeton University. Drawing inspiration from Harold’s recent publication Seven Crashes: The Economic Crises That Shaped Globalisation (2023), Matthias and Harold discuss seven major turning points in the history of globalisation.

Their conversation explores the requirement for preparation and flexibility in responding to global crises, such as geopolitical tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic. Also discussed is the impact of political systems on crisis response and how this differs in autocratic and democratic systems.

With globalisation being synonymous to interconnectedness, Harold and Matthias examine the influence of communication and technological advances during times of rapid change. Harold contextualises these theories through historical events and the importance of having a historical understanding to prepare for the interaction between a globalised world that experiences conflict and uncertainty.

Discussing topics of historical events, innovation and global trade, this episode is a must listen for policymakers and business leaders to gain insights on how to be resilient and prepared for changes on a global level.  

About the guest

Prof. Harold James

Harold James, the Claude and Lore Kelly Professor in European Studies at Princeton University, is Professor of History and International Affairs. His books include a study of the interwar depress in Germany, The German Slump (1986); International Monetary Cooperation Since Bretton Woods (1996) and The End of Globalisation (2001). He was also co-author of a history of Deutsche Bank (1995), which won the Financial Times Global Business Book Award in 1996.

His most recent publication is Seven Crashes (2023). He is the official historian of the International Monetary Fund. In 2004 he was awarded the Helmut Schmidt Prize for Economic History, and in 2005 the Ludwig Erhard Prize for writing about economics. He writes a monthly column for Project Syndicate.   

Executive Briefing – what you should read now

  • James, H. (2023) Seven Crashes: The Economic Crises That Shaped Globalisation
  • Döpfner, M. (2023) Trade Trap – How to Stop Doing Business with Dictators
  • Farrell, H. and Newman, A. (2023) Underground Empire – How America Weaponized the World Economy