Measuring and managing ESG performance

This episode of Business Diplomacy Today explores the importance of measuring external impacts in society and how companies can incorporate sustainability practices. Our guest expert, Matthias Mahlendorf, discusses the performance measurement for managing sustainability, performance, and digital transformation of management control.

Topics include measuring social value, the benefits of sustainability for companies, normative aspects of measurement, and the cost of carbon emissions. We also learn about sustainability-linked bonds for financing large companies and whether small and medium-sized companies can also benefit. Please tune in to learn about various models companies can coexist with regarding ESG and switch from maximizing shareholder value to maximizing value to society.

About the guest

Matthias Mahlendorf

Matthias D. Mahlendorf is a Professor of Managerial Accounting. He is interested in performance measurement – especially for managing sustainability performance – and the digital transformation of management control. He regularly publishes in academic journals and journals aimed at executives in corporate practice.

Matthias ranks among the top twenty researchers worldwide in the category “managerial accounting publications in the last six years” of the BYU Ranking. A ranking on the relevance of accounting research placed him first in managerial accounting. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School, a visiting professor at the University of Chicago (Booth School of Business), and an adjunct professor at INSEAD.

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